The Shocking Truth Behind Veto Florida Senate Bill 1698

Florida Senate Bill 1698 has been a topic of heated debate recently, with proponents and opponents fiercely arguing their positions. But what is the truth behind this controversial bill and its potential impact on the Florida hemp industry?

What is Senate Bill 1698?

Senate Bill 1698 aims to impose strict regulations on the hemp industry in Florida, including limiting the number of licenses available for hemp cultivation and processing. The bill also proposes new changes for obtaining these licenses, making it difficult for small businesses to enter the market.

How will it affect Florida hemp jobs?

If Senate Bill 1698 is passed, it is estimated that nearly 70,000 jobs in the Florida hemp industry will be at risk. The stringent regulations and high costs associated with the bill will force many businesses to shut down, leading to a significant loss of jobs across the state.

Why the Governor should veto it?

Given the potential devastating impact of Senate Bill 1698 on the Florida hemp industry, many experts are calling on the Governor to veto the bill. By vetoing this legislation, the Governor can protect thousands of jobs and ensure the continued growth of the hemp industry in Florida.

The truth behind Senate Bill 1698 is indeed shocking. The potential loss of nearly 70,000 jobs overnight is a grim reality that Florida cannot afford. It is crucial for the Governor to consider the long-term consequences of this bill and make the decision to veto it in order to safeguard the future of the Florida hemp industry.

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