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Supporting Florida's resilience by protecting Floridians, safeguarding jobs, and preserving 65,000 job opportunities in the state.

FHAA Keeping The Hemp Industry Alive In Florida

Save Florida Families & 65,000 Jobs

10,000 License Holders Out Of A Business

Beat and Vetoed SB 1698 and 1475

~ $8.9 billion In FL Taxable Business Revenue

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Example Thank You Email:

Dear Governor Ron DeSantis,

I want to express my gratitude for vetoing SB 1698. This ban would have had a detrimental impact on our state's economy and the well-being of small business owners in our community. Your decision shows true leadership and puts the people of Florida ahead of corporate interests.

By vetoing SB 1698, you have prevented the classification of products like CBD as controlled substances, saving over 10,000 local businesses and the jobs of 64,000 employees who earn in wages in this industry. This courageous action will preserve economic stability for countless families in our state.

By vetoing SB 1698, we prevent federally illegal MMTCs, unregulated out-of-state hemp manufacturers, and the black market from gaining an advantage. Your decision safeguards our economy and the interests of Floridians. Thank you.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

Keep Florida Hemp and Healthy Alternatives Industry Open.

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