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Hemp is one of the great industrial success stories of America. From nothing, tens of thousands of brands, retailers, and supporting ancillary businesses have made this incredible industry their livelihood. These are fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters who have given it their all to achieve the American Dream and we stand by these hard-working Floridians in their fight against unjust and unnecessary regulation. VETO SB1698 NOW.

Governor Ron DeSantis


Support Florida's strength and safeguard Floridians once more, preserving 65,000 jobs in Florida.

Help Us Save The Hemp Industry In Florida

Save Florida Families & 65,000 Jobs

10,000 License Holders Out Of A Business

SB 1698 seeks to criminalize federally legal products like CBD.

~ $8.9 billion In Lost Taxable Business Revenue

Email The Governor

Example Email:

Governor Ron DeSantis,

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen to urge you to veto the Hemp & CBD Ban Bill, SB 1698! This Ban will cause significant damage to our state’s economy!

SB 1698 will make federally legal cannabinoids and CBD products illegal which would directly contradicts federal law and intent.

The loss of taxable business revenue would be an estimated $8.9 billion.

By classifying products like CBD , including well-known strains such as Charlotte’s Web, as controlled substances, SB 1698 will shut down over 5,000 licensed local businesses, and the livelihoods of over 64,000 employees earning $7.3 billion in wages.

This will be a devastating loss of jobs and economic stability for countless families. Many of these Businesses moved to the Free State of Florida to escape rampant government over control in states like California and this bill will pull the rug out from under their feet.

Federally Illegal MMTCs, Unregulated Out of State Hemp Manufacturers, and the Black Market will all win if you sign SB 1698.


Thank you

This legislation will be devastating to the Florida Hemp and Healthy Alternatives Industry.

Call or email Governor Ron DeSantis, and explain to him that SB 1698 is a bad bill for Florida. Tell him how the loss of the Hemp Industry will impact your life.